Exterior and Wood Repair Service - 7 Step Process

Investing in a quality exterior paint job can mean the difference between painting every few years or a paint job that will far out last an inferior one.

The following points separate Carnvial Custom Painting from our competitors and should be expected from a quality painting job:

All surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly pressure-washed and cleaned. This step helps new paint to adhere to the existing surface, and removes pollutants and dirt. Mildew will be treated and killed.

All areas around the home, including shrubs, landscaping, etc. will be protected from start to finish by drop cloths or poly plastic. Windows, brick and light fixtures will be masked off to prevent paint from damaging these areas.

Loose paint will be scraped. Smoothing may be necessary for maintenance or cosmetic consideration. Primer will be applied to all bare wood and metal to assure proper adhesions of new paint. This step helps further peeling.

Rotting, broken, or otherwise damaged wood trim will be identified during our visual inspection of your home. Required repairs will be noted on your exterior proposal and brought to your attention. Top quality spruce, cedar, or other required repair material will be installed for your repairs. Other repair methods may be employed by our workers depending on the solution required for each home.

Loose caulking will be removed and replaced. Open gaps will be filled with new caulking to prevent rain water from penetrating below the surface. Loose nail holes will be re-set and reputtied as necessary. Loose and/or missing window glazing will be replaced.

Only quality materials will be used. Application will consist of either (1) spraying or (2) brushing or (3) a combination of both, as agreed upon before starting the job.

Work area will be kept neat and the job conducted in a professional manner by skilled crafts people who are polite, friendly and work efficiently. Excess paint will be removed from windows. Touch-up paint will be labeled and left for your future convenience.